Few Things You Must Know About HybridBlock

HybridBlock is one of the few companies that are out to make a difference between others in the crypto community. The organization’s roadmap has started over a year back with its research and development making a concept followed by drafting a whitepaper and launching of its website in July last year. Since then, it has made rapid progress in not only finalizing its official whitepaper but also launched its pre-sale and the launch of initial coin offerings (ICO) of Hybrid Token. It has done enough groundwork to not only spot the focus area but also where the investors needed their help the most.

Standalone Terminal

HybridBlock has created a first standalone terminal called as HybridTerminal with a specialization in trading in cryptocurrency. The company has come out with a direct access platform for professionals and institutions enabling direct routing to every big destination. Aside from that, it would offer low latency execution through the optimized Level II quote messaging system. The firm has created an execution window that allows users to see the requirements of margins on any open orders, as well as, trades in every principal digital currency. The key factor is that every trade is broken down by concerned individual fill.

The company has offered to provide real-time quotation feeds from every big cryptocurrency exchanges to support big-time traders. As if this is not enough, it would also provide a comprehensive view of the liquidity based on each price level on its platform. The organization also has Aggregated Level II that enables users to look for cryptocurrency buyers and sellers without any need to get separate quotes from cryptocurrency exchanges. That is because it has taken care to organize everything under one symbol. For instance, Ethereum is known as ETH and ETH-Kraken.

The key feature of Hybrid Terminal is the transparent quote. Aside from that, the routing configurations enable all to see the same data and at the same moment. This meant that there is no partiality to preference like the one seen in market vendor or the web-based exchange. The terminal is based on Windows and thus needed the support for the stability and speed of any data processing on a real-time basis. This would also effectively ensure that there is no lagging that has often been witnessed in trading system or web-based exchanges. The firm also provides complete control of technical analysis for users for intraday charting apart from the option to customize the charting experience fully on a real-time basis.

Least delay

The key point is that this would come with a minimum delay from the quote vendor. HybridBlock termed the customized order routing as a revolutionary routing system. That is because it enables to create customized orders directly and offer complete control to traders for smart routing options so that they utilize its technology. The aim is to allow users to gain access to the best market prices. This apart, there is also advanced crypto trading tactics like tick by tick time and sales apart from advanced stops. There could be a maximum of 20 personalized screen layouts for users.

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Article written by Suumit Shah


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