Marko Vidrih

Born in Slovenia, Marko did Major in Finance. He is amongst the early investors of the cryptos and started almost 8 years ago. He has very sharp eyes when comes seeking an opportunity. He loves writing, dancing and reading.

James Conners

James served as Chief Cryptographer for the Singapore-based Tembusu Terminals that used the blockchain to deliver know your customer systems that protect privacy. With over three years of experience in the field of cryptocurrencies, James decided to put his knowledge and experience in front of thousands of people though Tokenturf.

Clay Space

Clay is Storyteller, World Builder, Blockchain Entrepreneur. With an academic background in informatics and logistics, Clay spent years in software development and the blockchain industry. In 2012 he became involved in various cryptocurrency-related projects. To know more about Clay, follow him on Twitter.

Brian Crain

Brian is a contributor here at TokenTurf. Brian was previously in charge of Business Development at the enterprise blockchain company Monax. He has degrees in economics, philosophy and cognitive science from The University of Chicago, London School of Economics and University College London.